Weight Loss Workout Apps



At first, time considering of taking through dieting program I feel quite overwhelmed with the need to count calories intake, following such strict exercises regime plus monitoring the daily progress and much more. Thankfully right now for phone users like me enable to access such various weight loss workout apps in order to help dieting schedule which provides such important software, the nutrition calculator to count nutrition intake, plus another advantage regarding proper education related to weight loss. So here some of the weight loss workout apps list which I currently follow to reduce my body weight!

Weight Loss Workout Apps

  1. MyFitnessPal

This kind of MyFitnessPal kindly helpful since offering food database from 5 million foods in where at times I set it up I’m giving certain some information regarding myself likely date of birth, weight, and height plus my goal weight also intention over how much I want to lose each week.

By this weight loss workout apps truly help me a lot in creating a custom plan, providing some basics calorie goal to work in towards that appearing by the top of diary page at the first time I add food, exercises plus water intake.


  1. Diet Assistant – Weight Loss

The second list which I am going through analyst is the Diet Assistant – Weight Loss, kind of weight loss workout apps which will deliver the range of meal or food which will be suitable for diet I’m run about, call it pescatarian or high protein intake, among others and vegetarian.

One thing I quite enthusiast by this weight loss workout apps is I can found shopping lists which available per diet plan, the meal, also nutritional facts plus weight entry reminders, another advantage is kind of built-in BMI calculator which allow me to check out the progress, along with its weight graph.


  1. My Diet Coach

Got the third list finally! My Diet Coach! it’s surprised me a lot, I can found 4 main features over free version of comprising reminders, the motivational photos, kind of perseverance tips plus diet diary, got another three extra features as well over pro version that points system, weight chart, and the meal craving panic button.

The point I likely to underline here, it’s quite important for calorie intake counter, diet diary and BMI calculator as standard features which you can discover, but here for My Diet Coach app likely surprising me from its motivational arguments plus the guidelines, and extra avatar I can customize easily to resembling my own self.

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  1. Nutrino

Another list ran for weight loss workout apps is The Nutrino, which claimed in answering the proper question of what I need to eat while tracking my meal, this app will answer due to my medical profile, the goals also culinary preferences. By this workout app, I can easily plan for my upcoming meal menu or could be I need to take something off from it! Aside from that, it will add meal summaries for Health app, and at same time sync my weight!


  1. The Complete 5:2 Diet

This Complete 5:2 Diet which I ran, quite suggesting kind of meal I love the much, week! for 5 days a week! 2000 calories suggested for women while for men, its 2500 calories ! while for rest of two days, suggested in taking 500 calories for women and 600 calories for men.

This weight loss workout apps help me much since featuring more than 140 recipes to try it on, 6 meal plans over fasting days plus workout plans linked to exercise videos which guide me well for doing the right thing! This app also providing calorie counter, BMI, and BMR plus target calorie calculators that will never allow adding individual exercise routine over it.



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