Pre Workout For Weight Loss


Probably already guessed-up ! the pre workout for weight loss encountered to be last meal I can take before my workout session, and due to specific cases also situations, this pre-workout for weight loss probably carry over in part of a during-workout menu.


Purpose of the pre workout for weight loss

What I’m going to say here is the pre workout meal defined as the best meal that plays the largest role in supply body by everything needed to boast optimal performance during a workout session, and according to the case in where during-workout meal properly used, the aim would be exactly same.

Pre Workout For Weight Loss

Basically, I can say that primary goal from pre workout for weight loss rightly to accomplish over following below:

  • to reduce muscle glycogen depletion
  • to reduce muscle protein breakdown
  • to reduce the cortisol levels over post workout


Here are what need to do with that:

To make those all happen successfully indeed the body in the need for two important things

  • carbs
  • protein

Biggest goal by the pre workout for weight loss here is a prior intake to a significant amount of carbs and protein in various form rightly before start workout session. So here is the key, and I can conclude as I’m working on that ensure that I am doing it right!

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Recommended Protocol of Pre-Workout For Weight Loss

Well, the true specifics over here differ slightly according to respective schedule, time of the day about to run workout, time available actually before the workout, kind of the workout exercise going to be and surely it would be depended on different preferences.

Probably I will suggest you what is likely encountered as most popular recommendation over the meal intake before starting the workout, rather than trying up in cover by possible scenario!

Following tips, I’m about to suggest, taken by the courtesy of Alan Aragon renowned as the smartest guy and trustworthy people over nutrition field.


Option A

For about 60 to 90 minutes pre-workout, here it’s best recommended in having solid and balanced meal that contains

  • Protein: 0.25g per pound in accordance to a target body weight
  • Carbs: 0.25g per pound in accordance to target body weight

By adding fat over this, actually can be fine but ensure in using discretion as well it fits the macronutrient goals, but need to be remembered do skip this meal if training first thing in morning.


Option B

30 to 0 minutes of pre-workout in where you can add or sip through workout session of liquid easily digested meal that contain

  • Protein: 0.25g per pound in accordance to a target body weight
  • Carbs: 0.25g per pound in accordance to target body weight

Ask me what I usually to do, properly ran for something similar to first option, which means my pre workout for weight loss usually takes place of one to two hours before starting workout which having normal solid of food in good amount of protein likely chicken, beef, fish, egg whites and more also good amount of carbs likely brown rice, oatmeal also lower glycemic food. This is what I highly recommend to people, just simple protein also carbs which coming from ordinary foods rightly one to two hours before the workout.


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