Best Workout DVDs for Weight Loss


I’m possibility ensure to consider taking diet as part of losing weight, while actually I also understand some of the effective exercise programs can also make big different into an aim of losing or reducing body fat, intimately I can advise best workout DVDs for weight loss can lead in reduce the belly fat also leg and back, taking a lean shape over muscle mass over arms into an overall healthier body too.


As I’m experiencing many DVD’s on market nowadays it caught me on the mind to think deeply kind of best vids that will actually help me in weight loss efforts. So here some reviews I can bring for best workout DVD’s for weight loss that I’m pretty sure these programs doable and yield for great result.


Best workout dvds weight loss


Here some of best workout DVDs for weight loss I can recommend:

  1. The INSANITY Base Kit

Super intense workout DVD program which in aim to push me to level of limits which I definitely sure this was so great, Just after some of the routines I made, found that this kind of most challenging workout program I felt best as what it stated in manage in entirely challenged, but won’t be that much hard as joints likely what being encountered from other workout DVDs.


  1. Shaun T Hip Hop Abs

I’m encountering this as the best way to go, great way to having fun at the same time do exercising in shaking my body due to the rhythm at same time it helps me in slimming down my waist !! all that I can say, hip hop truly assist me in reducing my weight loss as well. It’s quite recommended for new beginners also intermediates that demand for has fun while doing exercises or workouts.


  1. Tony Horton 10 Minutes Trainer

I have discovered how much exciting this workout DVD is which can be done easily by home, even when any of you working at the office, still, it can be done too. By only 10 minutes, this 10 Minute Trainer DVD totally provide workouts which similarly to the intense exercise which equals to other 30 exercises of other workout dvds. For anyone who has less time, I strongly recommend these 10 Minute Trainer DVDs as best workout DVDs for weight loss which I can assume it has A-grade in level.


  1. Debbie Siebers – Slim In 6

Another best workout DVDs for weight loss that I can recommend is Slim In 6 by Debbie Siebers in case you really demand having lost weight in the easy way plus fun for reaching up against the weight loss goals. These workout routines proper strategically plan to reach up to the maximal efforts of your workouts, quite easy to follow after all and as I’m doing this too, I found a great shape result right after two weeks routine workouts, so what else I can say now except you’d be doing better by this.


  1. Tony Horton P90X

Well, I must admit that P90X workout DVDs by Tony Horton won’t be an easy program to follow, yet when someone really sticks on it, definitely could find the best result by the end.

So here I quite not recommend this P90X for those beginners or any who lackadaisical by their workouts, aside of that these best workout DVDs for weight loss truly recommended for a person that already lost about 30 pounds while 15 pounds remains or so to lose.


  1. Chalene Johnson Turbo Jam

This one of best workout DVDs for weight loss which I’m highly advice for any beginners, kind of fun and exciting workout that effectively burn fat off the body in no time. Turbo Jam greatly assisted me in losing a great amount of my weight even after I gained much weight gain, very easy to learn also best of all fantastic. First time trying up, it won’t go so easy, yet can be set to the own pace very easily.

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