7 Day Body Weight Workout Plan


With a host of various workout plans available online, the most challenging part about them is understanding how they all work.

They’re so complicated that we start believing we have to invest in a gym membership to get fit. While a bit of guidance will never hurt, when you’re on a budget, knowing a simple yet effective body weight workout plan is a lifesaver.

Luckily for you, I’ve created and tested this 7-day fitness plan that will transform your body and bring great health benefits into your life.

The best part? You don’t need to purchase a gym membership and any special equipment. All you need is time, commitment, some floor space, and of course, your body. Now it’s the perfect time to get moving.

Body weight Workout Plan
Body weight Workout Plan

7 Day Body Weight Workout Plan

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you’ll find this fitness plan incredibly simple and effective at the same time. Start slowly and don’t forget to warm up before each workout session to get your heart pumping and your muscles warm. Perform a few stretches for at least 5 minutes or run in place for 3 minutes to get ready for the following set of exercises:


Day 1

8-second plank

12 jump lunges

10 reptile push ups

10 pistols

8 high knees

5 snowboarder jumps

8 plank pike jumps


Day 2

15-second plank

20 body weight squats

15 walking lunges

10 push ups

20 side lunges

20 jumping Jacks

10 dumbbell rows

20 floor crunches


Day 3

17-second plank

5 burpees

12 dive bomber push ups

30 high knees

10 V-ups

20 side lunges

25 high knees

10 pullups

10 dip to leg raises

5 burpee broad jump


Day 4

20-second plank

50 high knees

10 burpees

30 air squats

10 v ups

15 lying leg raises

10 diamond push ups

15 floor crunches

10 close grip push ups

15 step ups (using stairs or any elevated surface)


Day 5

15-second plank

20 jump lunges

15 snowboarder jumps

10 v ups

15 leg raises

10 push ups

10 burpee broad jump

15 air squats

10 crunches

10-second plank


Day 6

15-second plank

5 one arm push ups

10 pistol squats

20 single leg bent knee calf raises

10 feet elevated push ups

5 pistol squats

10 step up jumps

10 air squats

20 walking lunges

5-second plank


Day 7

25 to 30-second plank

20 one legged squats (10 for each leg)

10 step up jumps

15 burpee broad jump

10 diamond push ups

5 pistol squats

10 walking lunges

20 side lunges

10 dip to leg raises

5 plank pike jumps


Do a few stretches after workouts to kick start the recovery process. Stick to :30 interval while exercising and remember to listen to your body. Perform each workout set once or twice a day to sculpt your body and motivate yourself to keep training.


How to Do the Exercises

  1. Burpee

Start with a squat position, with the hands on the ground or floor in front of you. Quickly kick your feet back and stop so that your chest hits the surface. Slightly bow the chest up, kick the feet back toward the hands, jump up and add a clap as if you’re trying to get some air.

  1. Air squats

Place the feet hip-width apart. With your shoulders pulled back, push the butt and hips back and lower down as if you’re sitting in a chair. Return to a standing position.

  1. V-ups

Lying on your back with your legs straight and your arms stretched overhead, raise your legs and arms simultaneously as high as you can, making sure you keep your legs and arms straight when touching the feet to the hands before you lower back down.

  1. Plank

Start with a position like you are about to do a standard push up, hold the position for 8-20 seconds, without compromising breath or form.

  1. Diamond push ups

While in a plank position, place your hands in a diamond shape, with your fingers touching (or almost touching) each other. Lower down, keeping the elbows close to the body. This exercise is similar to classic push ups, so don’t get scared if you fail to perform it well at first.

  1. High knees

Nothing complicated at all. Just run in a place, raising your knees as high as possible and try to move as faster as possible. High knees are similar to sprinting.

  1. Dive bomber push ups

Get into a downward dog position and pike your butt in the air. Push forward to an upward dog position, bending the elbows and dropping the chest to the floor. Bring the chest back to the floor, bending your elbows, and get back into a downward dog.

  1. Plank pike jumps

Get into a downward dog position. Jump your feet up high and land on the one side and then quickly jump to the other side. Keep jumping as fast as possible.

  1. Jump lunges

Start in a lunge position with one leg bent behind you and the other bent forward at a 90-degree angle. Jump up with your front leg and land with the opposite leg forward, switching positions in the air. Start slowly so that you don’t lose the balance. Once you learn to keep the balance, perform the exercise as fast as possible.

  1. Snowboarder jumps

Get into a squat position with one hand touching the floor. Start jumping up high, rotating 180 degrees midair. Return to a squat position, touching the floor with the opposite hand.

  1. Side lunges

Stand up straight and place your legs in a straddle position. Slowly start lowering down to one side, as if you’re trying to touch the butt to the back of the calves. Get back in a straddle, switch the side, and repeat the same action.

  1. Pistols

This is one of the hardest workouts that is still possible to master. Use a door frame or a chair for support while practicing. Stand on the right leg, with the left leg parallel to the ground. Start lowering yourself down on the right leg as if you’re trying to sit in a chair, aiming to get the butt to the calves back. Return to a standing position and repeat.

  1. Dip to leg raises

Whether you have a dip and leg raise machine or a DIY dip bar (yes, you can make your own) at home, dip to leg raises are an effective body weight workout that is actually easy to perform. Standing between the bars, place the hands on top of each of them and slightly lift yourself up. With your arms straight and your shoulders over your hands, start raising your thighs, bending your knees. Curl them up higher once your thighs are hip height, and bring your knees toward your chest (the higher, the better) to work your abs. Do a few leg lifts and slowly lower your legs – don’t just drop to avoid injuries.

  1. Walking lunges

Stand up straight with your feet together. Take a step forward with your left leg and lower your hips toward the ground while bending your knees to 90-degree angles. Make sure your back knee doesn’t touch the ground. Press the left heel into the floor and push off with your right foot to bring your right leg forward. Step into a lunge on the other side and do a few reps.

  1. Burpee broad jump

Speed is key here. Stand hip-width apart, place your hands on the floor, kick back your feet, and lower yourself down until your chest and thighs are touching the floor. Stand up and jump forward to complete the first rep.

  1. Step up jumps

You don’t need special equipment, though; a bench in the park is a free equipment that can be used for performing tons of exercises, including step up jumps. Just step up, jumping as high as possible for better results.

  1. Feet elevated push ups

Speaking about a bench, you may need it for this workout as well. Raise your feet on a bench or a stable platform. Place your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and lower the body so that your nose is about to touch the ground. Maintain a good posture and control your breath – inhale when you lower the body and exhale when you push away. Do a few push ups and return to a standing position.

  1. Single leg bent knee calf raises

Stand on the left foot and slightly bend the knee. Use a chair or a table for support. With the right foot slightly raised and knee bent, rise up onto the toes of your left foot and flex your calf to elevate your body as high as possible. Hold for a second and return to starting position.

  1. Close grip push up

Get in a push up position, placing your hands under the shoulders. Lower your body, keeping your elbows close to the sides. Return to starting position.

  1. Reptile push up

Get into a push up position with your shoulders over the hands. Lower your body as if you do a standard push up, but bringing one knee toward the elbow. Switch the sides as you push up.

  1. Jumping Jack

Stand with your feet together. Start jumping with your feet apart, raising your hands above the head. Reverse the motion, keeping jumping and getting back to starting position.

  1. Dumbbell row

To perform this workout you will need a pair of dumbbells or milk bottles. Bend at your knees and hips and slightly lower your torso, with the dumbbells hanging at arm’s length from the shoulders, pulling the shoulders down and back. Pull the dumbbells to the sides of your ribs (be extra careful here) and slowly lower them to starting position.


5 Quick Ways to Motivate Yourself When You Don’t Feel Like Working Out

Exercising on a down day seems pointless, but if you want to see the results, you have to motivate yourself to work that body and here’s how:

  1. Choose a rocking piece of active wear

What you wear for your workout sessions plays a crucial role in how motivated you are while exercising. Be sure you wear clothes that make you feel awesome both outside and inside. Give yourself something to look forward to and motivation will follow.

  1. Visualize your results

Every time I feel blah and try to find any excuse just to skip my workout, I start visualizing my end results and how I’ll look and feel at the end of the week. Visualization is a powerful motivator. It’ll encourage you not only to sculpt your body but to cultivate patience as well.

  1. Upgrade your playlist on your iPod

Delete your favorite songs that you’ve been listening for a while, and add at least 10 new songs to your playlist. Don’t listen to them until your next workout and you will have an excellent reason to move your body.

  1. Look at yourself in the mirror

Okay, you don’t look your best now, but you have to talk to yourself and it’s impossible to do it without a mirror. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself, “I’m stronger than any lazy thoughts,” “I can do it and do it right now,” “My efforts will eventually pay off; I just need to work hard.” Talk about how you feel after your workout to faster get into an exercise mood the next morning.

  1. Name at least 7 benefits of exercise

Beautiful body. Health. Confidence. High energy. Better mood. Boosted productivity. Low stress levels. The perks are endless; pick the ones that you’re sure will encourage you to work out more intensively.

Don’t kid yourself into thinking that you must hit the gym to shape and maintain a healthy body. Whether you’re traveling, struggle with 9 to 5, or you work from home, you can still get an awesome yet powerful workout, with an empty wallet and no equipment at all. Are you ready to challenge yourself with this 7-day body weight workout plan?


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