10 Day Beginner Workout Plan


When you’re new to exercise, it’s crucially important not to overdo it. Oftentimes, people try the workout plans designed for professionals and end up with injuries and frustrations. It’s like switching to a vegan diet; you can’t eliminate all those foods from your eating plan. The same applies for beginner workout regimes.

Simple exercises, correct warm ups, and the right exercise sequence will help your body get used to movement, build stamina, and get ready for a more intense workout regime. Why 10 days? This is a good amount of time for adjustment, especially when it comes to diet and workout. However, in case you will feel like 10 days are not enough for you, just start this routine once again after your tenth day.


Beginner Workout Plan
Beginner Workout Plan


Be Sure to Warm up before Training

In order to avoid injuries and exhaustion, it’s highly important to warm up before you start your workout session. This will set you in the right mood and help you get your body ready for more intense exercises, even if they are the simplest ones. Here are some moves to help you warm up:

  • Rotate the head counter clockwise and clockwise.
  • Rotate your forearms for at least 30 seconds.
  • Rotate your arms 10 times clockwise and 10 times in opposite directions.
  • Rotate your shoulders for 40 seconds.
  • Rotate your torso to the left and to the right 10 times.
  • Raise each knee 5 times.
  • Raise each leg 10 times.


Day 1

Jog in one spot for a minute

10 squats

10 lunges

5 second plank

20 jumps

3 push-ups

10 dumbbell lifts


Day 2

10 minute run

5 squats

1 minute jump rope

5 push-ups

10 second plank

10 step-ups

50 second squat hold

15 pulse lunges


Day 3

20 squats

10 push-ups

5 pull-ups

1 minute Cobra

20 second plank

20 dumbbell curls

10 jump lunges

10 jump squats


Day 4

15 minute run

25 squats

10 dumbbell curls

20 second plank

30 minute run


Day 5

2 minute jogging in one place

10 push-ups

5 diamond push-ups

15 lunges

2 minute Cobra

30 second plank

5-7 second side plank

30 squats

15 dumbbell curls

3 minute jump rope


Day 6

25 squats

10 snowboarder jumps

10 push-ups

10 diamond push-ups

10 pull-ups

30-40 second plank

5 burpees

10 pulse lunges

2 minute jump rope

25 minute jogging


Day 7

10 minute run

20 leg lifts

15 jump squats

10 push-ups

20 second plank

15 jump lunges

10 dumbbell curls

1 minute squat hold

10 second side plank


Day 8

25 jump lunges

10 push-ups

30 squats

15 dumbbell curls

30 minute run


Day 9

Jump rope for 30 seconds

15 wall push ups

10 lunges

20 jump lunges

30 second squat hold

15 diamond push-ups

10 dumbbell curls

5 second side plank

30 second plank

15 snowboarder jumps

5 minute jogging


Day 10

1 minute plank

35 squats

15 jump squats

10 push-ups

3 minute Cobra

15 burpees

10 pulse lunges

20 minute running

5 minute jogging

20 second squat hold



How to Do

  1. Squat hold
Squad Hold
Squad Hold

Build themuscle in your wholebody, improve your mobility and balance, build your stamina, avoid injuries, and prepare your body for a more intense workout by doing squat holds. Stand straight with the feet shoulder width apart and your arms in front of you. Push your hips back, lowering your body and bending your knees. Hold this position for a required amount of time. Push yourself back up into a starting position to complete the exercise.



  1. The Cobra
the cobra workout
the cobra workout

This yoga pose helps to boost flexibility, strengthen the shoulders and arms, reduce stiffness of the lower back, stretch the muscles in the chest, shouldersand abs, improve mood, keep your heart and kidneys healthy, firms and tone the butt, better digestion, strengthen the spine, fight stress, and improve circulation of blood.

Lie face down on the floor with your palms near the chest. Raise your upper body, pulling your shoulder blades back and in. Hold this position for a required amount of time. Make sure yourcontrol your breathing. This yoga pose is performed between intense exercises to give you some time to rest.


  1. Pulse lunges
Pulse lunges
Pulse lunges

No matter what kind of lunges you perform, make sure you are getting some incredible benefits, such as better core stability, improved gluteactivation, spinal deloading,increased hip flexor flexibility, superior symmetry, more functionality, and better balance.Get into a standing position. Take a long step forward, as if you’re going to do a front lunge, and slightly bend the knee. Reduce the barycenter of your body and immediately return to your starting position. Perform pulse lunges as rhythmically as possible.



  1. Jump lunges
Jump lunges workout
Jump lunges workout

This may take a little bit of practice and it’s important to perform jump lunges carefully to avoid the knee injury. Stand straight with the feet staggered and the right foot in front of the leftone.Bending your knees, push off the feet into a jump, and switch your legs before you land.








  1. Jump squats


Jump squats build leg musclesand tone the glutes, calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, and core. They also teach you how to keep balance and avoid injuries. Get into a standing position with your feet shoulder width apart. Start doing a regular squat and then immediately jump up explosively – do it slowly if you’re performing jump squats for the first time. Land and reduce your body back into a squat position. As you jump, don’t let the shoulders lean out beyond the knees and use your entire foot to prevent back injuries.




  1. Diamond push-up


Diamond push-ups help to build strong chest, strong triceps, strong front part of the deltoids and strong core. While in a push-up position, with a flat back and the hands together to form a virtual diamond shape, lower the chest toward the floor, bending the elbows but still keeping the back flat. Return to a starting position by pressing back up to a full arm extension. If it’s hard for you to perform the diamonds push-ups, feel free to lower the knees or use the pillow for a support.






  1. Dumbbell curls


Dumbbell curls work your biceps and help them grow in size. They are also good for those who are trying to improve posture or enlarge breast size. Stand tall with your feet shoulder width apart. Grab 2 to 5 pound dumbbells (or use two milk or water bottles) and raise them bending the elbows and rhythmically straightening out up to the shoulder height. Start with one hand switching to another one, and then try to do the dumbbell curls with both hands.






  1. Side plank
Side plank
Side plank

There are many variations of side plank, but before you give them a try, practice a regular version. Lie on the side, with the legs extended and the hips and feet resting on the floor.Place the elbow under the shoulder to prop up the torso, aligning the head with the spine. Start contracting your core and raising your knees and hips off the floor. Hold the position and return to a starting position.




9. Snowboarder jump


Snowboarder jumpshelp to build the leg muscles, teach you how to breathe correctly, and maintain a healthy heart. Moreover, it’s an ideal exercise for people who are learning how to snowboard. Do regular squats with quickrotations while touching the ground. Control your breathing and watch your posture.




  1. Burpee
burpees workout
burpees workout

Burpee exercise makes you stronger and helps you burn tons of calories. It gets your blood pumping, works your wholebody, improves your endurance, and is good for your heart health, when done in moderation.Stand tall with your arms down by your side and your feet hip width apart. Lower the body to get into a squat position, placing the hands onto the floor in front of you. Kick the legs backward into a push-up position and reduce the chest to the mat. Push the chest back up and return to a starting position. Jump up, with the hands over the head.





What to Eat

Every fitness plan starts with the right meal plan. Fuel yourself in the wrong way and you risk wreaking havoc on your body in the long run. Although the beginner workout plan isn’t as complicated as 7 Day Astonishingly Intense Workout Plan, now is a good time to start developing healthy eating habits that will strengthen your bones and immunity, and increase your overall energy level. If you have no idea where to start and you feel totally exhausted after your first workout session, check out breakfast ideas, pre and post-workout snacks, and dinner ideas that will help you survive this fitness training and move to a more intensive one.


What are the best fruit and vegetables for training?

First of all let’s start with the healthiest foods out there, fruit and vegetables. Not all of them are good for training, so be careful before loading your cart with every fruit or veggie you see. Here’s your complete list of what to purchase or grow:























sweet potatoes


bell peppers





Swiss chard



chili peppers




20 Healthiest Pre-Workout Snacks

Munch on one of the following snacks at least an hour before your workout. Remember, never exercise on empty stomach.

  1. Overnight oats
  2. Egg Quinoa Breakfast Muffins
  3. Egg Salad with Greek Yogurtand Dill
  4. Sweet Cinnamon Cheese, Apple and Turkey Sandwich
  5. Shrimp Frittata with Mozzarella & Ricotta
  6. Protein Packed Rice Pudding
  7. Cottage Cheese Scrambled Eggs
  8. Tuna and White Bean Salad
  9. Smoked Salmon Dip
  10. Creamy Peanut Buttery Apples With Grapes
  11. Peanut Butter Cup Energy Bites
  12. Hummus Avocado Toast
  13. Homemade Paleo Granola Crunch
  14. Lemon Blueberry Protein Waffle
  15. Spiced Banana Oatmeal
  16. Apple Protein Doughnuts
  17. Oat Bran Banana Protein Muffins
  18. Fluffy Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal
  19. Brownie Cookie Dough Protein Bites
  20. Nut and Berry Parfait


20 Healthiest Post-Workout Snacks

Refuel the body after training with the following post-workout snacks to help your muscles repair andrebuild faster. Aim to have your snack 30 minutes after a workout.

  1. Healthy Sweet and Salty Trail Mix
  2. Sweet Potato and Avocado Egg Scramble
  3. Hummus and Pita Bread
  4. Greek Yogurt and Berries
  5. Peanut Butter Chocolate Protein Shake
  6. Banana Vanilla Orange Smoothie
  7. Hard-Boiled Eggs With Carrot Sticks and Nuts
  8. Fresh Strawberries, Cottage Cheese, and Whole-Wheat Cereal Parfait
  9. Easy Spinach and Egg White Omelette
  10. Apple Rosemary Cheddar Cheese Crackers
  11. Chocolate Fudgicles
  12. Post-Workout Green Smoothie
  13. Sweet Potato Protein Bars
  14. Microwave Egg and Vegetable Breakfast Sandwich
  15. Avocado Tuna Salad
  16. Orange Mango Recovery Smoothie
  17. Healthy Peanut and Caramel Protein Bar
  18. Post Workout Banana Bites
  19. Protein Pancakes
  20. Caprese Avocado Toast


10 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, which means you should pay more attention to what you put in your body. Make sure your breakfast is packed with all the essential nutrients and doesn’t contain too much fat. Your breakfast should give you energy, not the feeling of overstuffed stomach. With that in mind, here are 10 breakfast ideas for each day of your workout plan:

  1. Healthy Vegan Breakfast Burritos
  2. Mexican Breakfast Pasta
  3. Homemade Hash Browns With Spinach and Carrot
  4. Swiss Chard and Quinoa Breakfast Bowl
  5. Sweet Potato and Kale Veggie Cakes
  6. Healthy Bean Sprout Salad
  7. Breakfast Salad With Green Tahini Lime Dressing
  8. Miso Veggie Breakfast Bowl
  9. Healthy Crock-Pot Breakfast Casserole
  10. Power-Packed Fruit and Veggie Muffins


10 Filling Lunch Ideas

Keep yourself full for a longer period of time and prevent an afternoon slump with these lunches that have an abundance of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for optimal health. Grabbing something quick around the office can be an easy time-saving option, but that stuff won’t keep your tummy happy and your energy high. With a little planning and cooking in the morning,you can have a wholesome, fitness-friendly lunch in a jiff.

  1. Sweet Potato Noodles and Apple Spinach Salad With Almond Dijon Vinaigrette
  2. Orange Almond Salad With Avocado
  3. Cauliflower Rice Tabouleh
  4. Zucchini and Sweet Potato Latkes
  5. Avocado Egg Salad
  6. Spring Fattoush Salad With A Creamy Sumac-Pine Nut Sauce
  7. Veggie Naan’wich With Feta Chickpea Mash
  8. Brooklyn Ricotta Roll
  9. Roasted Squash andCouscous Salad
  10. Lemongrass Chicken BanhMi Bowls


10 Nutrient-Packed Dinner Ideas

Many beginnersstruggle with dinner inspiration because it’s really hard to make meal that will be fitness-friendly, healthy, and hearty at the same time. With a host of dinner recipes online, it may take pretty time to find the healthiest options. No worries, though I already did this job for you.

  1. Tortilla Soup
  2. Egg and Avocado Spaghetti Squash Boats
  3. Chickpea and Rosemary Baked Frittata
  4. Vegan Ricotta and Spinach Lasagna
  5. 5-Ingredient Mexican Quinoa
  6. Potato Soup
  7. Curried Coconut Quinoa and Greens with Roasted Cauliflower
  8. Roasted Squash and Pumpkin Seed Mole Bowls
  9. Three-Bean Chili With Spring Pesto
  10. Soba Noodle Soup with Mushrooms and Chard


As you can see all the exercises are easy to do and sticking to this beginner workout plan is sure to help you adopt a new healthy habit in just 10 days. Plus, the recipes mentioned above will help you maintain a healthy energy level and save time for more exercise. Exercise is vital for your overall health, so why not stop looking for the new excuses over and over again? This is also a fantastic way to learn how to eat healthier, thus drop some unwanted pounds while working your body.


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