Fat Burning Exercises for Men


Workouts for Weight Loss: Fat Burning Exercises for Men 

Fat burning exercises for men are of late gaining massive popularity amongst men who desire to shed off some weight as well as regain their shape. It is possible for men to get out of shape due to a number of factors like diet, lack of exercise and the modern lifestyle that does not involve any physical activities. Luckily, for such men who have gained excess weight, it is easy to shed it off fast as long as they are committed to the cause. Commitment and dedication are the two important ingredients of improving your metabolism and fitness thereby allowing you to lose weight fast. Here are some important details on how men can burn fat in their bodies fast and the best exercises to use.

Fat Burning Exercises for Men


Do Burpees Help Burn Fat?

Burpees refer to an awesome, strength-building, calorie-burning and full body form of exercise. Burpees are mostly embraced by the best military forces, extreme athletes as well as football teams as they include them in their regular workout routines. Burpees are an effective exercise as they get an individual fitter fast than any other exercise can manage to. It helps in revving up your metabolism, burning fat thereby getting you conditioned fast than any other exercise can manage.


Reasons Why Burpees are Awesome in Burning Fat

Burpees literally turn your body into a fat burning machine as they are intense body exercises, which burn a lot of calories. Research has shown that highly intense exercises like in the case of burpees tend to burn up about 50% extra fat when compared to the normal moderate exercising. Burpees are known to speed up the metabolism process throughout the whole day. This means that you will end up burning more calories in a single day. The best thing about burpees is that the burning of calories will continue long after the exercise itself is over. Burpee therefore qualifies as an effective and fast method of losing weight compared to the other conventional weight loss workouts. Click HERE to watch the video


How a Man can Lose Weight Fast?

It is possible for men to lose weight fast as long as they use effective exercise routines and show a high level of commitment and dedication. There are three effective methods that men can use in order to lose their weight fast. These include burning calories at a faster rate, using diet to keep off weight and taking adequate lifestyle changes to keep your weight in check. When you need to burn calories quickly, you should start a routine training regimen. When you quickly switch from one exercise type to the other, it causes the rise of your heart rate than any other regime. This results in the burning of more calories. Circuit training regimens help in burning more calories faster as well as assist in weight loss. You can employ a number of great workouts in your circuit session for maximum benefits in your weight loss ambitions.


A good example of a routine training regimen can include the following: Burpees, bench presses, squats, lunges all in three sets of 10. You should perform these workouts fast in order to get your heart rate at its highest thereby maximizing the number of calories burned during the exercise. Other great workouts that can help a man lose weight fast include; sprinting, strength training and varying your workout to avoid reaching a plateau whereby the body gets used to the exercises and less effects are seen.


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How Good is Cardio for Weight Loss?

When you are looking to lose weight fast, it is without an iota of doubt that incorporating a number of cardiovascular exercises into your workout routine will speed up the results. However, the impact that your cardio exercise will play on the rate of losing weight depends on a number of factors. You should increase the intensity of your cardio exercise workouts in order to increase the rate at which you lose weight. The more intense the cardio exercise will be then the higher the number of calories that will be burnt.


Cardio exercises that manage to get the heart pumping at a much higher rate would be the most beneficial in as far as burning calories is concerned. This will greatly assist your efforts of reducing your overall body fat. Another way of ensuring that you lose weight fast using cardio exercises would be increasing the amount of energy used in a workout session. This could be made possible by either increasing your intensity or the duration of your workout sessions. Cardiovascular exercises ought to last for around 40 – 60 minutes for effective results. Overtraining is not a healthy way of enhancing your weight loss as you risk getting injured or overeating afterwards in a bid to regain the extra calories burned.


Which of Exercise Burns the Most Fat?

Most people looking to lose their body weight through exercising are faced with the dilemma of finding out the exercise that will help them burn the most fat. Different weight loss professionals share different views on the best and most efficient exercises that guarantee the burning of the most body fat. On a general scale, there are three main types of workout exercises that are known for burning the most fat. These are strength or resistance training, cardio exercises and combining both. Most trainers will advice people seeking to lose weight through exercise to combine cardio exercises and resistance training in order to achieve the best results.


Exercises that Help in Burning the Most Fat

Here are some examples of exercises that can assist in burning the most fat. However, in order to increase your chances of being successful, these exercises ought to be done regularly and combined with a balanced and healthy diet. These exercises include swimming, which is a form of a cardio exercise that involves the whole body. It can help in burning 400 calories in about 30 minutes. Other exercises include burpees (200 calories in 30 minutes), jumping lunges (459 calories per hour), jumping jacks (204 calories per hour), side planks combined with leg raises (300 calories per hour), elliptical & stair machines (300 calories in 30 minutes), pump (600 calories per hour) and power yoga & pilates (300 calories per hour) etc. all the above are some of the effective fat burning exercises for men.



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